Cypress Tree Tunnel-Point Reyes

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Sooooo the Hubby and I took a trip to Napa this last summer.

After filming for a beeaaauutiful wedding,

(CLICK HERE to Watch that Wedding Video.)

We took off and drove over to Point Reyes.


When we arrived at Cypress Tree Tunnel

it was SO WINDY. 

My hair was wild and the giant trees were blowing.

I couldn’t help but feel tiny when compared to the giant trees.

Have you ever visited Cypress Tree Tunnel?

If not you should if you’re in the area!


Anyways, here are a few photos that we snapped that day.


After Cypress Tunnel we drove 45 minutes to a place called

“The Shipwreck at Point Reyes.”

It was a gold mine for photographers.

This abandoned ship was just left on the shore.


There are some beautiful and crazy things to see in this world.


Happy Exploring friends!

Sarena Hess