Ep. 57 Her Confidence Journey. Live Interview W/Alex Garzaro

The Podcast

In this episode of the Women For Greatness Podcast we interview Alex Garzaro. Alex is a serial entrepreneur, wife, and momma to 2 boys.

We talk through her winding journey of Confidence. When she was in her early 20’s. But one day she woke up and decided she was going to start changing her life. So she started by deciding to lose weight.

In this Episode Alex we talk about:

  • Alex losing 65 lbs and the mindset shift that happened as a result.
  • How her confidence evolved as she stepped into owning her own business.
  • How important celebrating your victories when you’re changing your life.
  • How to STOP down playing your achievements.
  • Why people fall off from chasing their goals.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Keep on pursuing your greatness!

XO, Sarena


Ep. 56 Her Confidence Journey. Live Interview W/Crystal Meyer

The Podcast

Everyones journey in self confidence is different. In this new series we are be going to be diving into the stories of confident women.

This week I interviewed Crystal. At 18 her mom passed away, and Crystal found herself quickly planning her mom’s funeral and figuring out her new life.

Fast forward a few years she met her husband and realized she had never really dealt with her inside grief.

She had to start at square 1 building and creating confidence. In this interview Crystal Shares her journey with self esteem and the key factors that she did to gain confidence.

Things that Crystal mentioned that helped her included:

  • Stopping ruminating thoughts.
  • Going to therapy and learning how to calmly communicate her needs with her husband.
  • Journaling and actually taking the time to process her inside emotions.
  • Eating well and taking care of her physical health.

Keep on pursuing YOUR greatness!

XO, -Sarena

Ep. 55 Food Used To Control Her Life, But Not Anymore. -Emily Bott

The Podcast

These were some of my favorite ideas from this podcast episode: 

  • It felt like food was controlling my life. 
  • My obsession with food controlled my life 
  • The negative self talk after messing up on eating. 
  • Restrictive eating, binging, 
  • I was in that state where I didn’t want to burden anyone with this. The embarrassment and shame had so much power over me. 
  • If you have the ability to recognize it in yourself, then you have the ability to overcome it. 
  • I was so quiet for so long because I had shame and embarrassment. 
  • There was always an emphasis on Emily when she was eating when she was little.
  • “Oh wow, Emily is eating this today because she was a picky eater.”
  • Then in college it took over her life. She was suffering because of a food obsession. Nobody knew because you don’t see it on someone’s face. 

“Food has no moral value, a calorie is just a unit of energy.”

  • I was taking myself out of social situations because I didn’t want to be around the food. The cake, the heavy meal, etc.
  • Emily shares what seriously helped her with through her relationship with food. 

Thank you for listening to another Episode of the podcast and being a part of my Greatness Community. You ROCK!!

Until next week friends, keep on pursuing your greatness.

XO, Sarena