Ep. 57 Her Confidence Journey. Live Interview W/Alex Garzaro

The Podcast

In this episode of the Women For Greatness Podcast we interview Alex Garzaro. Alex is a serial entrepreneur, wife, and momma to 2 boys.

We talk through her winding journey of Confidence. When she was in her early 20’s. But one day she woke up and decided she was going to start changing her life. So she started by deciding to lose weight.

In this Episode Alex we talk about:

  • Alex losing 65 lbs and the mindset shift that happened as a result.
  • How her confidence evolved as she stepped into owning her own business.
  • How important celebrating your victories when you’re changing your life.
  • How to STOP down playing your achievements.
  • Why people fall off from chasing their goals.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Keep on pursuing your greatness!

XO, Sarena


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