Ep. 55 Food Used To Control Her Life, But Not Anymore. -Emily Bott

The Podcast

These were some of my favorite ideas from this podcast episode: 

  • It felt like food was controlling my life. 
  • My obsession with food controlled my life 
  • The negative self talk after messing up on eating. 
  • Restrictive eating, binging, 
  • I was in that state where I didn’t want to burden anyone with this. The embarrassment and shame had so much power over me. 
  • If you have the ability to recognize it in yourself, then you have the ability to overcome it. 
  • I was so quiet for so long because I had shame and embarrassment. 
  • There was always an emphasis on Emily when she was eating when she was little.
  • “Oh wow, Emily is eating this today because she was a picky eater.”
  • Then in college it took over her life. She was suffering because of a food obsession. Nobody knew because you don’t see it on someone’s face. 

“Food has no moral value, a calorie is just a unit of energy.”

  • I was taking myself out of social situations because I didn’t want to be around the food. The cake, the heavy meal, etc.
  • Emily shares what seriously helped her with through her relationship with food. 

Thank you for listening to another Episode of the podcast and being a part of my Greatness Community. You ROCK!!

Until next week friends, keep on pursuing your greatness.

XO, Sarena


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