Ep. 50 What I Want To Tell My Anxious Friend… Wrap Of Season 1.

The Podcast

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The first part of this episode is a reflection of what the past 50 episodes have been and an encouragement for you to chase after your dream.

50 dang episodes. That’s a ton.

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Today’s podcast episode is about Anxiety:

  • In this episode I talk about how anxiety affects your confidence levels.
  • How Anxiety can stop you from being yourself.
  • An exercise to shifting perspective of what other people perceive of you.

My challenges for you:

  1. Take an honest assessment of how your attitude is?
  2. Greet the next person you see as if they are an old time friend and watch how they react back to you.

The last part of the episode is a note of encouragement to my friends struggling with anxiety.

Hope you enjoy this episode!

xo, Sarena

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