Ep. 39 You Don’t Have To Be Who You’ve Always Been. -Mogan Eliz

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Listen here.

After doing an exercise with her mom, where she drew out the future version of herself on a piece of paper. She saw the words Inspire and Impact and wondered….

okay, how do I do that?

Morgan decided to change her life in January of 2018 and from that moment on things began to really change.

Here is Morgan’s fitness side by side.

When Morgan knew that she needed to change in her life. She would draw a stick figure on a piece of paper and envision who she wanted to be and where she wanted to go.

In this episode we talk about.

  • Learning the Art of Pivoting in life.
  • Not being glued to one identity
  • Learning to master the balance of hustle and rest.
  • The art of investing in yourself.
  • Morgans biggest lessons in going from a coach earring 10k to 30k and the mindset she has had to develop along the way.

Morgan is a passionate soul and I know this episode will inspire you.

Until next week friends, keep on pursuing your greatness.

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