Ep. 38 Stop Playing Small. -Solo Round

The Podcast

Hey friends!

I’m so excited to share because this episode is how to STOP playing small.

Consider the greats.

Your role models. Influences in music. In technology. Motivational Speakers.

  • What if the Beatles never wrote a song?
  • What is Steve Jobs didn’t try to make a computer?
  • What if Tony Robbins never spoke at an event?

In my opinion a lot of people struggle with depression because they are looking at how the world is serving them. Instead of being inward focused, pause and ask yourself. “How can I use my skill and talent, to make the world better?”

How do you play LARGE in life??

  1. Figure out who you are? What do you love? What do you dislike?
  2. Decide where you’re going? What means a lot to you? What is a group that you want to be a part of? How can you support that mission?
  3. Put time in. Whether that means taking a class. Staying up later. Getting up earlier, you have to find an hour a day to work on yourself and your dream.
  4. Tell people about it. Tell your friends about your new goals.

You’re not being humble by not sharing your gifts, you’re being selfish.

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