Ep. 33 Owning Your Creativity. W/Emily Hernandez

The Podcast

A wife, a dog momma, and she works full time for a hospital in Bakersfield.

In the episode we learn Emily’s journey with social media, how to balance seasons of silent growth, and how to create a real community and real friendships through social media.

Emily Created her Youtube videos with the original intention to connect with others about a passion for makeup.

Things started to get really fun though when Emily got invited to events like BeautyCon. They started to wonder, is there more to this Youtube thing?

It wasn’t until Emily got met her first “Fan” at a Dodger game that she thought, Maybe I could do something with this??

Her youtube was growing for a few months and it wasn’t until they moved to LA that Emily realized it was time to step back.

During this silent time in life Emily and her husband really wanted to grow their family. Everything seemed to be the perfect time finally. But when they thought it was the perfect moment it didn’t.

Emily has been experiencing unexplained infertility. She talks about that it’s humbled her and her husband and is happy to share it because so many women experience this.

Emily is such a delight to be around because despite every second guess she had about herself, she decided to step back into the social media world full force.

Currently Emily is living a vibrant life full of creativity and excitement.

If you want to find more about Em, Follow her on Instagram!

Until next week friends!

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