Ep. 21 How To Live A Bucket List Life W/Milka

The Podcast

Our Queen of the Week this Milka!


We dive into a few different topics in this episode including:

– How she was bullied for her height. Now at a height of 5’10 Milka stands tall and proud but growing up she was constantly teased by her peers. Classmates called her things like an “electric pole”, “jumbo” or a “giant tree.” This bullying went on for most of her childhood and lowered her confidence while growing up.

-Needing outside opinions to validate yourself and how to step away from that. How to see that value in yourself.

-Why you need a powerful tribe of women who have your back.

-How she got intertwined with Photography and graphic design.

-Her current job with City Beauty Official.

-We share about how to be a professional beautiful spot finder to capture the perfect instagram photos.

-What it means to live a “bucket-list life”.  And how you can start living by a bucket list.

-How every new place you explore is “instagrammable” and that beautiful places are not limited to the perfect picture opportunity.

I learned a lot about how to stand up for yourself and seeing the value in yourself.

You don’t need anyone else to validate your value.

You are precious, valuable, powerful


Milka also shares about a money saving app that helped her save money to go on her bigger trips. Here’s the app: Qapital.

Follow Milka on Instagram @milkaapw

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 8.57.39 AM

Talk to you next week friends!

Sarena Hess

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