Ep. 11 The Lady Boss Behind Cloud 9 Coffee Co. W/Morgan Bonn

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How does a girl go from getting a degree in political science to opening up a mobile coffee shop out of an old travel trailer?? 

This podcast is all about one of the most inspiring women that I know.

Her name is Morgan Bonn.

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She’s the cutest right??

Coffee easily connects people, and Morgan has a heart for the community.

Degree in political science, yet God had other plans.

Morgan’s two locations are made out of a travel trailer and an airport shuttle bus.

In high school Morgan created a nonprofit.

Morgan’s Sweet 16 Foundation.

To throw birthday parties for children in Haiti.

They did local events in Bakersfield with foster youth.


Morgan has always had the entrepreneurial spirit in her bones.

Thinking up ideas,

creating action plans,

and then doing what she had to do to see her plans happen.

We dug into how Morgan created Cloud 9 and her biggest hurtles.

Health department certifications,

Getting the word out to the community,

and even friends saying that

We’ll just wait until she fails,

and the business goes under,

and we’ll buy it off of her.

Morgan and Lemon.

Photo Courtesy of Allyssa Campbell

People said Morgan wasn’t old enough,

wasn’t wise enough,

yet despite the opinions of outsiders

She learned that all the people that actually mattered, supported her.

And “as life goes on, it takes more effort to be friends with bad people” – Morgan Bonn

And those are the ones that are her friends to this day.

They just celebrated a year in business.

Coffee and Community. 

Being a special part of getting people together.

Being a special part of people’s lives at weddings and bridal showers.

Morgan’s biggest focus is people over profit.

When she looks at the filter

Morgan’s biggest tip to women who want to start something.

Is to just DO IT.

Just do the thing and start.

Even if you’re afraid.

But when you start, don’t forget to put your own creative twist on it.

If you want to follow along on Morgan’s Journeys her is her personal account as well as her business account for Cloud 9! 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.38.15 PM.png

@Cloud9coffeecoScreen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.38.01 PM

Thanks for listening this time friends.

We’ll talk next time.

Sarena Hess

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