Ep. 10 How To Be Determined To Yourself W/Carter

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In this episode we unpack so much about my darling friend Carter!

She is on a mission to love herself and is fiercely determined to help other women believe how beautiful they are. 

Carter is a licensed Aesthetician and in this podcast episode we uncover why she choose this career path.

We learn about Carter’s mindset of loving yourself wholly. 

We dive deep into the journey and process of Carter’s self-perception.

She share honestly about how her family’s ideologies shaped how she saw herself in the form of confidence.

By watching her grandmother be on diets,

then her mother watched her grandmother fuss about her weight,

then Carter just learned and watched what all the women in her life said about themselves.


Being aware of how you talk to yourself because you’re not the only one hearing it. 

There are always friends, family, and younger children around picking up on the negative things you see about yourself.

This episode serves as an amazing reminder of

how powerful words are to your confidence and how they are key to loving yourself. 

We talk openly and honestly about the journey of loving yourself.

And what that looks like to transition form hating yourself or speaking negatively about yourself to speaking kindly of yourself.


Your mind is tricking you right now.

You don’t need to think about those things about yourself, because they are not true.


I stand in the mirror in my underwear and I look at myself as I am. 

I don’t pick myself apart.

I don’t think terrible things about myself.

I accept myself. 

Being surrounded by women who have the stereotypical “perfect” body.

How it’s possible to not look like those women but still be filled with your own love and acceptance.


Body Positivity: 

Taking a breath and a breather from the world feeding you negativity.

Taking a breath to love yourself and accept yourself.

And letting yourself be who you are, when you need to be. 

Giving yourself a break.

Stop listening to your own negativity.

Stop scrolling on instagram.

It’s passing and telling yourself, you’re fine.

You’re okay. 

Training Your Mind:

  • Make it a priority to show up for yourself and love yourself.
  • Remind yourself of the good things about yourself.
  • Unfollow someone if they are making you feel anything but good. 
  • Being intentional with what you’re consuming on social media.

What would you tell high school Carter?

  1. Don’t worry about your thighs
  2. You will eventually find a really hot husband, don’t worry about those other boys.
  3. Start loving yourself from the beginning.

Carter’s biggest message to the world is this.



Follow one of Carter’s three Instagram accounts:

All things Skincare + work: @esthecarter

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.46.02 AM

Body Positivity: @_bl0ndegirl

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.46.47 AM

Her Personal: @carterallisonjackson

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 11.47.01 AM

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