Ep. 6 Learning to Thrive Where You Are W/Jocelyn Dimaya

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In this Episode I had the privilege to interview Jocelyn Dimaya.

Jocelyn is a wonderful joy and a light in the Bakersfield community. Jocelyn is a clothing designer in Bakersfield, CA who creates amazing community in town.

In this episode she shares with us how she got started designing clothes in Bakersfield and what it was like to go from studying costume design in school to opening up her own studio.

We also talk about navigating change in a career choice. Jocelyn opens up about what it was like to go to school for one thing and to pursue a career in something completely different.

I also get an inside scoop on what it was like for a freshly graduated college student to hear that she is actually going to have to move back home to Bakersfield instead of sticking to the big city and what that realization was like for her.

Jocelyn shares her biggest tip to being more intentional.

Asking yourself questions like why am I doing this? Why do I care? What drives you?

She also shares how to make new friends. 

Which includes things like being genuine and being positive.

She is determined to surround herself with people who motivate her.

Every man in my superior from me in some way, in that I learn from them.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We cover how to come from a place of being excited for other people.

How to celebrate them doing well and not being intimidated by others. 


Things I ask Jocelyn include:

How do you stay inspired to create?

How do you take care of yourself?

What does self-worth mean to you?




Some of my favorite things Jocelyn includes: 

“It’s really important to take opportunities even if you don’t know where they are going to go.” 

“If I’m only going to be here for 6 months, I want to be intentional with my time, to leave some sort of mark.”

“You have to stop everything that you’re doing. Take a seat, take a deep breath. And ask yourself what matters to you? We live in such a fast paced world sometimes you feel like you have to do, do, do.”  

“We often forget that we can learn from others as well. When we look at others and say what can I learn from you? Instead of ugh, you’re doing that better than me.” 

If you want to hear more from Jocelyn go and follow her on instagram.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 3.53.34 PM.png

Also, if you want to visit her website for more information about her custom clothes or for weighted blankets, you can take a look here. 


Until next time friends! Keep on staying inspired.

Sarena Hess

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