Ep. 5 Jumping Into The Unknown W/Joy Kamel

The Podcast

Episode fiiiiiiivvee.

IF you haven’t listened to this podcast episode yet, it’s a good one.

Here’s the link 😉

Get ready to dive in with an amazing woman.

In this episode I had the pleasure sit down and chat with Joy Kamel.

Joy is a photographer in Bakersfield who has a hear for showcasing people on their creative pursuits.

She shares about the pressures of being the oldest in an immigrant family. The pressures of needing to be successful. She explains how she felt trapped in her career choices and she didn’t want to be strapped into a “secure job” like that.

In the middle of Joy’s pursuit in medicine she realized that there was something more for her life. 

After sitting down with her mentors they all said they wanted to prove themselves, not to make the world a better place.

In the middle of that tension Joy realized that proving yourself in the medical field wouldn’t fulfill her. So in an effort to not miss out on her calling for her life she put the medical books down and picked up her camera.

Joy is dedicated to breaking the chains of not being satisfied in her career and she is determined to prove that she can pursue what she loves. 

“I have 2 options, to be a good whatever it is you want me to be,

or be a GREAT what I was actually meant to be in this life and

I know it’s scary and it’s risky, but that’s the life I want to live.”

We learn as she got more brave and started asking herself What if I put all this effort into the things I was passionate about and the things that I’m good at?

This thought wouldn’t leave her mind.

Joy also opens up about how she is able to create friendship and community wherever she goes.

*hint* It includes deeply and genuinely loving people. 

By looking at people as individuals and seeing what makes them specifically them.

Instead of looking at people jealously, Joy talks about how she is shifting her perspective to being excited for people and wanting them to shine.

Joy also shares the key to being excited for others and not to being bitter and jealous.

We also learn about how a hashtag changed Joy’s life. 

If you want to connect with Joy on Instagram you can find her here.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 8.57.42 AM

If you want to get your pictures snapped by this talented woman

or if you want her to create a mural on a wall, contact Joy!

Until next time friends! Keep pursuing your wildest dreams.

Sarena Hess

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