This past week has been a blur with Ben’s YouTube video going viral.

My husband’s absolute dream is to become a director. And this past week his dream briefly became true. He entered a short film into a competition for Film Riot on YouTube. We filmed the Terminator 2 remake with our friend Joseph Baena and since then it has gone viral.

Getting attention from websites like TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, The Today Show, and even having an interview on Inside Edition.

Last Friday was the craziest day.

Ben got a call at around 7:30 A.M. from Inside Edition to do an interview about the clip.

By 8 AM we were on the road to L.A.

We got there in record time and were graciously met by a happy staff inside the studio in Culver City. Here a a few pictures and videos of our day

The original video:  click that link to watch the video.

So after all this excitement, we’re just praying for opportunities to open up. This has been very encouraging for us that it is possible to get into the filming industry. We’ve been praying for God’s guidance and provision so that Ben can use his talents and passions in the filmmaking industry. And friends, if we cross your minds, we’d love for you to pray that for us as well.

The future is unknown but it is held by a known God.

Be blessed.

XO, Sarena


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