On a normal Thursday I woke up and quickly began planning how my day would be spent. With Ben away and at work from 10 AM until 7 PM I had a few hours to be productive. My first goal was to go to the gym. After about an hour or so I went home.

I walked into my room and there was Ben standing in the middle of my messy room with a small gift bag in one hand looking casually dressed. Shocked I asked what he was doing here.

He smiled and said, Iย just wanted to surprise you Sarena, here open this bag.

So still a little unsure I sat down on my bed and began folding away the wrapping paper. Inside was a beautiful white top and a bracelet that had the word “Blessed” engraved on it.

Confused I looked at him

What is all of this?

Aren’t you supposed to be at work?ย 

It was at that moment I wondered if today was the day he was going to propose.

Nah, I thought, maybe he is just trying to be extra romantic today.

Sarena, you better get in the shower, we’re going to the beach, Ben announced.

So that’s just what I did. we left about 45 minutes later and during the whole drive I agonized in my head wondering if he was going to ask me to marry him or not. Wondering whether I should as him if that was what he was going to do or not. At the end of the drive when we finally arrived I simply stopped trying to figure it out. I will just live in the moment and enjoy me day.

And that I did.

He took me to Cambria, the beach in California where we had our very first kiss.

Our day was filled with wonderful things, ice cream cones, pizza, walking around the shops, and laughing away. We were both so nervous.

He suggested going to the Sea Chest for dinner.

The Sea Chest is a very expensive seafood restaurant in Cambria, however, the Sea Chest is also the place we had dinner at so many months before and just a short walk away from the ocean and the spot we first kissed. I agreed to having dinner there.

Hours passed and eventually we made our way closer to the restaurant and took a walk on the beach waiting during the hour and a half wait for a table at the restaurant. (I told you it was fancy)

By then it was early evening and the sun was lowering. Ben took my hand and played some country love songs off of his phone. We slow danced to a few songs on the beach. He didn’t care that people were around, nor did I. It was at the moment my heart stopped and I wondered…

Is this the moment?

Is he going to ask me now?

He didn’t…yet.

He went back to the truck and left me waiting at the spot we had our first kiss.

It was getting darker now, just near sunset. I remember it felt like Ben had been gone for the longest time.

I was getting more and more nervous. At that moment I felt like God was telling me It’s time to go to the next step Sarena. Time for both of you to grow as people.ย 

He came back with his camera, set his tripod up just right. Says he wants to take a picture and I agree.

He walks over to me then asks if we can pray. He prayed one of the most meaningful prayers I have ever heard come out of his mouth.

He ran back again and checked the tripod. He was checking to make sure that camera was filming.

He looked at me. Hugged me. He was shaking. My heart was pounding.

He pulled a card out of his camera bag. On the card was a collage of pictures of us this past year together. 4th of July, Christmas, Thanksgiving, beach trips, and many other pictures.

He opened the card and began to read,

I began to tear up because I knew it was the moment.

The last line of the poem he wrote inside was

Honey bunches of love, I wanna ride this boat of life into the sunset and across the sea, but not alone. Sarena Olivia Clark will you marry me?

This part all happened so quickly.

Tears in his eyes, down on one knee, ring box open, and a beautiful sunset and ocean behind.

Forever engraved on my heart.

I said yes, put the ring on my finger, and hugged him with tears streaming down my face.

He cried and I cried, because we knew our lives were about to change 100%.

Thank you for reading friends. Just wanted to share an intimate moment of my life.

Have a blessed week!

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